Our name says it all: malama - to care for, nurture, preserve

Malama Na Holoholona

Nurture the animals.


We believe that farms need to go beyond "organic" - it is a privilege to eat meat, and farmers need to treat animals humanely, kindly, and generously in return. We take our animals' happiness seriously - we hand raise and cook free range eggs, fruits and vegetables to supplement their grain diets. We make sure they are given comfortable homes that are moved regularly to enable them to enjoy fresh pasture and new ocean views. Our animals have private baths where they slosh about merrily, and toys to stimulate their sense of play and curiosity. And they are given lots of caring human contact - belly rubs and head scratches galore. Due to their healthy lifestyle and living conditions, they do not require the vaccinations and antibiotics that are regularly injected into commercially raised pigs. And, of course, we never use growth hormones that are common in confined operations since we specifically raise a heritage breed for their ability to grow slowly and naturally in the outdoor environment.

We sincerely believe we are blessed to be able to nourish our bodies thanks to these animals, and we want them to live wonderful lives in the process. Happier animals makes for healthier and tastier meat.

Malama Ka 'Aina

Care for the land.

We practice age-old rotational grazing practices with minimal animal density. This means that we listen to the land and ensure that it is never overused - animals are rotated and the land is given time to rest so that it can regain its nutrients and grow back stronger than ever, fertilized by the naturally fed pigs and chickens who have thrived on it.

Malama Ke Kaiaulu

Care for the community.

The Hawaiian Islands was once a place of great abundance and self sustenance, where the people lived in harmony with the land and sea. Currently, we import over 80% of our food, burning countless tons of fossil fuels, weakening our food system, and impairing the health of our 'ohana with processed foods and imported fruits and vegetables designed to withstand the journey across the Pacific. We want to preserve and build upon the local food economy - providing world class meat to our friends, neighbors and visitors, and - in the process - reinvigorate the health and well being of our community. Bring back kuleana - responsibility - to each other, to our home, and to our history.

Malama Ke Kai

Preserve the ocean.

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) are infamous for creating mass sewage that poison the groundwater and the surrounding oceans. Livestock operations around the world are creating erosion problems that runoff into our reefs. But minimal density, rotational grazing allows us to enjoy the nourishment of livestock products with confidence that our waters are protected.