We are the first and only providers of 100% Berkshire (Kurobuta) Pork in Hawaii. Our heritage pigs are raised in idyllic conditions on Maui's North Shore.

We are creating a new standard for humane livestock farming and environmentally responsible land management. Our pigs are born and raised on lush pasture, and rotated regularly to minimize impact to the land. The land on which our animals graze and play is chemical and pesticide free. Our pigs are fed with fresh fruits and vegetables, along with protein-rich grass and free range eggs from our hens - they are never fed waste products. Our livestock are antibiotic- and hormone-free, and, most importantly, are treated with kindness and respect for their natural characteristics.

Please take a look around our farm, learn more about Kurobuta pork and our mission to provide the healthiest, happiest environment possible for our animals.